Commission Published

A photo of the cover of the book called exult with me. Exult with Me by Kelvin Ray and Margaret Foster.
Karen published this book of her mother’s pen and ink drawings accompanied by Karen’s uncle’s poetry. 1st edition, July 2001, 2nd edition Sept. 2001.
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Five Dog Farm – Business cards, truck signage, postcards. Templton, CA 93465 805-434-1660
5 dogs sitting in the front of this picture with two horses in the background. This image is the back side of the 5 dog farm postcard.
This image is the back side of the five dog farm business card.
This image is the front of the Five dog farm post card showing the five dogs sitting in front of the farm with a horse in the background and trees all around.
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A red horse with a woman riding on the horse in english style with the mountains in the background.
Mrs. D. R. Wells and Bali Hi, Harvest Hill Ranch, 14 x 18 oil on linen.
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This image is of the cover of the book called The Path of Return with the illustration that Karen draw on the front.
The Path of Return, author Jaya Sarada, cover illustation by Karen and inside pages. Grace Publishing, PO Box 1081 Freeland, Washington USA 98249 1-800-282-5292
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This image is a ink drawing that Karen drew of a small bird with the title of the book, Birdwatching.
This image is of a ink drawing of a girl looking through a telephoto lens on a tripod.
Birdwatching. A guide for Beginners, authors Joan Easton Lentz and Judith Young, Illustrated by Karen. Capra Press Santa Barbara.
This image is a ink drawing of a hawk as seen through the lens of stong glasses.
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This image of a deer is by Karen done in ink.
This image is a drawing from Karen's mothers that is included in the book, San Luis Obispo County Trail Guide.
San Luis Obispo County Trail Guide, Santa Lucia Chapter, Sierra Club, Illustrations by Karen and her mother, Margaret Foster.
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This image is of a drawing of a man on a horse and he is getting ready to rope in a area.
Ranchos, Santa Barbara Land Grant, the Easton Gallery, Ellen Easton 557 Hot Springs Road, Santa Barbara, California 93108
Ink illustrations by Karen
This image is a drawing of vintage items, done by Karen.
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The Nature Conservancy of California, The Santa Cruz Island Interpretive Trail: Prisoners’ Harbor to Pelican Bay. Cover Illustrations Karen.
This image is the front and back cover of the Nature Conservancy Book that Karen did the illustrations for.
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This image is of a firey flames and the title of Hot Chile Chocolate for a package design done by Karen. Herrmann’s Chocolate Lab and Ice Cream Parlar, Templeton, CA 805-434-3007
Fritz and Marcia Herrmann
Done in Adobe Illustration with help from Dave Butz design, for Herrmann’s Hot Chile Chocolate.
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These pen and ink drawings are just a few of a large collection that Karen did on Architecture.
For more of this drawings, click here.
The front drive of a home and the landscaped yard, done in ink by Karen.
An ink drawing of a two story home and pool and the trees around it.
A ink drawing of a home with landscaped pools in the foreground.
An ink drawing of a horse barn and three horses.
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A red horse with a rider is jumping a white fence in a jumping course.
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A tile painting of a stone window and a wine bottle and glass with grapes and fruit are sitting on the ledge. The window over looks a valley with a winding road and vineyards and hills.
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A sign that saids Canyon Veterinary Clinic. A horse and rider jumping a jump that is on a cross country course.
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A painting of a girl stumming a instrument.
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A larger tile painting that is the Iron Society. It has other tiles with different sea life and plant life of this area.
A tile painting of wild plants, with the title, The Ironwood Society.
Karen and a friend are standing beside the tiles for the Ironwood Society.
Karen and Noreen La Point with this Donor Tile Mural on Santa Cruz Island at Stanton Ranch, CA.
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A black and white drawing of a Whitehorse logo for the White Horse tack store in Templeton California. Tack store, named “Whitehorse”, in Templeton California. This was designed for their tee shirts.


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A small picture of a page in the magazine, Equine of which the store is about the Horses of the Camargue.
This is one of the pages that was written about Karen’s work and trip to the South of France to paint the Horses of the Camargue. You may see the painting by clicking here. Or to see a close up of this articule, click here

The Magazine is called Equine Vision and this articule is in the Winter 2002 issue.