Card and Prints are available of most of the paintings, please contact Karen for prices and shipping. You may download a pdf of this inventory, please click here.

Painting Name





4th of July # 1 11″x14″ acrylic $300 Giclee $40
4th of July #2 14″x11″ acrylic $300 Giclee $40
A Little Light on the Lake 5″x19″ acrylic $250
Adelaida Spring 16″x 20″ oil/canvas $500
Apple Blossoms 11″x 14″ oil/acrylic $300
Agua Caliente 1999 13″x 16″ acrylic Sold Cards $4/Tiles $15
Arroyo Hondo 20″x30″ oil/acrylic/canvas Sold Cards $4/Tiles $15
Arroyo Hondo Creek 14″x11″ oil/canvas Sold
Arroyo Laguna, San Simeon – original 10″x14″ oil/canvas
Arroyo Laguna, San Simeon – print 10″x14″ giclee print $85 Cards $4/Tiles $15
Atascadero Creek 10″x 16″ acrylic/masonite Sold
At the Branding 12″x16″ oil/canvas $700 Giclee $85
Barlogio Hay Field 15″x19″ oil/acrylic/masonite $650
Beach Mares 2000 12″x24″ oil/board $1000 Giclee $150
Blue Boat 8″x10″ acry/w/c/board Sold Prints
Blue Ceonothus 6″x6″ pastel sketch $250
Blue Lagoon – original 36″x36″ acrylic on canvas $2,200.
Blue Lagoon – prints 36″x36″ canvas giclee Giclee $300
Bookers Farm – original 23″x30″ acrylic/paper $1200 Framed
Bookers Farm – prints 23″x30″ giclee Giclee $250/cards/tiles
Bookers Valentine 16″x20″ oil/acrylic Sold cards
Cambria Storm Surf 10″x15″ mixed media $400 cards
Carrizo Rain 24″x36″ acrylic/canvas $1400 cards
Carvers Pond 5″x12″ oil Sold cards
Cattle Boss 16″x20″ mixed media Sold cards
Cayucos Sunset 10″x16″ acrylic/bd $400 cards
Cayucos Sunset #5 10″x12″ acrylic/paper $400 cards
Chimney Rock Pond 10″x16″ oil/bd $500 cards
Clearing after Rain 11″x17″ oil/bd Sold cards
Cliffs above Cayucos 7″x19″ acrylic/mat bd $350 cards
Come Around – original 12″x16″ oil/canvas Sold
Come Around – prints 16″x 20″ canvas giclee Giclee $95/cards $4
Country Road (Cypress Mtn) 14″x18″ oil/acrylic/canvas $600 cards
Crossing the Huasna -original 26″x36″ oil/canvas $1800
Crossing the Huasna -prints 18″x24″ giclee/canvas $150 cards
Cypress Path 10″x13″ oil/linen $400
Dally 18″x24″ oil/canvas $1200 Giclee $150/Cards$4
Dappled Waters 11″x17″ oil/board $700 Giclee $95/Cards$4
Daybreak Gathering-original 24″x36″ oil/canvas Sold
Daybreak Gathering -prints 11″x17″ giclee/paper $95/cards$4
Dick Collins, on the Dunes 36″x32″ oil/canvas Sold cards
Dreamy Dunes 36″x36″ acrylic/canvas $1800 Giclee/canvas $300
Dusk Mares 10″x14″ acrylic/bd
Early Morning 17″x11″ oil/board $700 Giclee/canvas $95
Early Summer 10″x16″ acrylic/bd $400
Easter Sunday 16″x20″ oil/acrylic/canvas Sold cards
Egrets, Santa Rosa Creek 8″x16″ acrylic/bd $350
Estero Bay 7″x20″ acrylic/mat bd Sold
Evening Mares and Foals 7″x9″ acrylic/paper $300 laser/$20
Evening Ride-Camargue 10″x14″ acrylic/bd $400 laser/$20
Fall Colors 5″x11″ oil/mat board $200 laser/$15
Fariy Tale Hill 10″x14″ oil/acry/canvas $400 laser//$20
Field Sketches, Camargue Horses 11″x14″ mixed media NFS laser/$20
First Morning (Islay SCI9/01) 10″x8″ acrylic/paper Sold prints$20
Fog at Sunset 24″x26″ oil/canvas Sold cards
Fog Blowing In 16″x20″ oil/canvas $950 Giclee/paper $95
Fresh Start 20″x30″ oil/linen $1600 Giclee/canvas $250
Galloping in the Camargue 8″x10″ acrylic/paper NFS laser $20
Gathering Alegria 24″x36″ acrylic/canvas Sold giclee/paper $300
Gaviota Formation 11″x14″ mixed media Sold cards
Granite Rock Dunes 16″x20″ oil/canvas $700 cards
High Tide 15″x24″ acrylic/paper $600 cards
Horse & Rider/Camargue-orig 60″x40″ oil/canvas $1500 cards
Horse & Rider/Camargue-print 30″x20″ giclee/canvas $250
Horse Harmony 22″x30″ acrylic/paper $500 tiles$15
In Tall Grass 9″x8″ acrylic/paper NFS tiles$15
In the Sun – Camargue Horses 10″x16″ acrylic/paper NFS tiles$15
Island Fox Sold
It Rained Hard 10″x16″ acrylic/bd $400 laser$20
Jack and June 24″x18″ oil/canvas $1200 Giclee/canvas$350
Jade Cove 10″x16″ oil/board $500 cards
Jet Trail Lagoon 14″x11″ acrylic/bd $400 laser$20
JJ Hollister, 3 Black Horses 24″x32″ oil/canvas Sold cards
June River 2000 10″x11″ acrylic/paper $400 cards
La Panza 11″x17″ acrylic/board $700 Giclee/paper$95
Last Go–’Round 12″x16″ mixed/canvas $400 Giclee/cards
Late Light Cayucos Preserve 9″x12″ acrylic/mat bd $300 laser$15
Loso Osos Dunes 13″x17″ oil/bd Sold cards
Lotsa Catches 12″x16″ oil/canvas $700 Giclee/canvas$95
Low Tide (SF Airport) 10″x16″ acrylic/bd $400 laser$20
Many a Mile 22″x18″ acrylic/paper Sold Giclee/paper$175
Marais de Gines 9″x14″ acrylic/paper NFS
Maria’s Garden 14″x11″ acrylic Sold cards
Memorial Day on Bishop Peak 24″x36″ oil/canvas Sold Giclee/canvas$250
Mid-day Reflections 8″x11″ acrylic/mat bd $350 laser$20
Middle of May 14″x18″ oil/acry/canvas $600 cards
Mill Creek, Big Sur 18″x24″ oil/linen Sold cards
Moonlight Gallop 32″x38″ oil/canvas Sold cards
Morning After Storm, Cambria 24″x36″ oil/canvas $2800. Giclee/canvas$300/cards$4
Morning Moon #1 16″x20″ oil/canvas $800 Giclee/paper$100
Morning Moon #2 20″x16″ oil/canvas $800 Giclee/paper$100
Mountain Air 12″x9″ watercolor $700
Mountain Pass-print 48″x32″ Giclee/canvas Giclee $700/cards $4
My Horses in Moonlight 12″x15″ pastel sketch $350 laser$20
Navaho Ponies 11″x14″ acrylic/paper $300 laser$20
October Light, SCI 11″x14″ acrylic/bd Sold cards
Old Timer 18″x24″ oil/canvas $500 cards
On Santa Cruz Island 2-11-02 11″x17″ acrylic/bd Sold cards
On the Way Home 14″x11″ mixed/paper Sold cards
On top of Bishop Peak 20″x30″ oil/canvas $800 cards
Out Going Tide 10″x20 acrylic/canvas $700 cards
Penny’s Mare Loves Water 10″x14″ pastel sketch $300 laser$20
Piedras Blancas Lighthouse 11″x17″ acrylic/bd Sold sold out
Pine Forest, SCI 14″x11″ acrylic/bd Sold cards
Porter Ranch Roundup 11″x15″ acrylic/panel Sold sold out
Ranch Pond 22″x30″ oil/canvas $1600 cards
Returning to the Herd 10″x16″ acrylic/paper NFS tiles$15/laser$20
Riding Home 10″x28″ oil/canvas Sold Giclee$100/tiles$15
Riding in the Camargue 8″x10″ acrylic/paper NFS sold out
Riding into the Light-orig 26″x36″ oil/canvas Sold tiles$15
Riding into the Light-prints 18″x24″ giclee/canvas $280
River Riders 12″x20″ mxd/mda/paper $600 laser$20
Ropin’ in the Open 24″x30″ oil/canvas Sold tiles$15
Sacate Sunset 11″x15″ oil/bd Sold cards
Salinas Watershed 7″x16″ acrylic/mat bd $300 laser$15
Sam Willis Ropin 19″x11″ oil/bd Sold cards
Sanctuary 8″x10″ acrylic/paper Sold tiles$15
San Simeon Coast 9″x12″ acrylic/ill bd Sold cards
Santa Rosa Island, S Bch 10″x20″ acrylic/bd Sold Giclee/cards
Serena 8″x10″ acrylic/paper Sold tiles$15
Serenity Creek 11″x15″ acrylic/paper Sold Giclee/paper$60
Shadow Canyon Waterfalls 10″x12″ acrylic/mat bd $300 laser$20
Shore Birds 8″x16″ acrylic/mat bd $300 laser$20
Sky Barn 11″x14″ oil/panel $450 laser$20
Sorting 17″x11″ oil/panel Sold laser$20
Spiritual Weather 6″x7″ pastel Sold sold out
Stormy River 15″x27″ acrylic/ills/bd $600 cards
Stormy View, Bishop Peak 6″x16″ oil/paper Sold cards
Summer Gather 11″x17″ oil/bd Sold Giclee/paper$100
Summer Pasture 15″x18″ acrylic/ills/bd Sold sold out
Summer River 24″x30″ oil/canvas NFS cards
Summer River Study 11″x14″ oil/canvas board Sold sold out
Summer Storm 8″x16″ oil/canvas Sold sold out
Sunrise Island Horses 30″x48″ oil/canvas Sold sold out
Sunrise Little Pine Mountain 11″x14″ oil/bd $400 laser$20
Sunrise view, 16th Floor 9″x15″ acrylic/bd NFS laser$20
Sunset, Mill Creek (Big Sur) 10″x14″ acrylic/mat bd NFS laser$20
til the cows come home 2 11″x17″ oil/canvas Sold laser$20
til the cows come home 11″x17″ oil/bd Sold sold out
The Real Deal 12″x16″ oil/canvas $700 Giclee $95
Toward Alegria 12″x24″ oil/canvas Sold cards
Toward Evening 14″x18″ oil/canvas NFS cards
Two Old Beauties 12″x16″ oil/linen $600 laser$20
View from North River Road 10″x16″ acrylic/bd NFS laser$20
Vineyard Pond 6″x19″ acrylic/mat bd $375 cards
Walking in the Rain 7″x22″ acrylic/mat bd Sold cards
Water Trough 30″x48″ oil/canvas Sold Giclee/canvas$280
West Country Sunset – orig 36″x48″ oil/canvas $3800.
West Country Sunset – print 18″x24″ canvas giclee $350/cards$4
Wetlands 36″x48″ oil/canvas Sold tiles$15
White House Ruins 24″x32″ acrylic/canvas $800 cards
Willow Reflections 10″x14″ acrylic/bd $400 cards
Winding Road SCI 8″x10″ acrylic/mat bd Sold cards
Winter Pond 6″x 21″ acrylic/mat bd NFS laser$20
Winter River 7″x 21″ acrylic $700 cards
Winter River #2 5″x 18″ acrylic/mat bd $300 cards
Winter Surf near Davenport 16″x20″ acrylic/canvas NFS cards
Young Ones 8″x 10″ acrylic/paper NFS tiles$15