Landscapes Water

Landscapes and Water

The early morning moon as the cool blues and purples wash over the mountain side. This image of the ocean and sky celabrating together, blending blues and greys to become one. The hill is like a fairytail hill, it is covered with plantlife that is the colors of jewels and look like a little story book.
Santa Rosa Island, the south east beach with fossils in the cliffs.
Jade Cove which is located along Hwy 1 in California.
This painting is of the air streams that are soring above this rocky mountain hillside.
Very vibrant colors of yellow, gold, blue and browns as the sun sets on the Cayucos coast.
The carrizo plains after a rain with the dark blue stormy clouds and the wet grass and rocks.
Winter surf caused giant waves to pound on the cliffs near these farm fields.
The sun setting over the ocean in Cayucos California, with yellows and blues.
Stromy River as it flows by the viewer and the brush is totally drenched.
The ocean in Cambria hitting the shore with vibrant colors in the rocky shore and sea.
Dreamy dunes with water meandering through out.
This image looking into the blue lagoon with the long grasses and plant life that grows in the water and around the water in wonderful shades of greens, golds, rust and blues.
Water reflections of the willows and surrounding plants.
A pond in late spring with the grasses turning yellow but the trees are still budding out.
Morning after the Storm along the Cambria California Coast - oil on canvas.
Bookers Farm from a view looking down from the mountains.
A red barn against the skyline.
Hide tide at the marsh lands of Morro Bay.
The Salinas Watershed area with trees and green grass.
The fall colors of the hills, trees and life.
A county lane meanders through a canyon with a fence on one side and trees on the other.
Morning Moon is setting in the Western Hills above Cambria California. This image is of the Granite looking dunes with the sand and plant life in the sand dunes.
A winter river again with reflections of the willows and the trees in the water.
These apple trees are blooming in this spring coved hillside.
Bishop Peak with the clouds on the top and the red rocks to the left and the very green hillside below.
A lake in a summer hilly area with a few trees.
The late light on the beach of Cayucos California with the green spring hills in the background.
Walking in the rain at the sea shore.
The view along North River Rd.
Cypress path as it winds through the fields and tress.
Vineyard pond.
This image is of an old barn as it is falling down to the elements of life.
A pretty ranch pond with trees surrounging it and grasses green hills behind it.
The river as it reflects the light of sky and plants.
It rained very hard at the Morro Bay Creek.
Shadow Canyon Waterfalls.
Shore birds as they feed on the ocean shore.
A stormy river with the blues and greys of the storm.
Low tide at the San Franciso Airport.
White house ruins, in Arizona in the Canyon de Chelly. The pink cliffs with the indian ruins in the side of the mountain.
The river in the winter.
Mid day reflections in the lake.
The winter pond.
Egrets at the mouth of the Santa Rosa Creek, Cambria California
A green mountain with storm clouds on the top.
Beautiful viberant lupines blooming with wildflowers in shades of yellow, orange and blue and a rock cropping in the distance.
The oceaned framed at the bottom of the painting with pink vibrant flowers.
Bishop Peak in SLO county, CA, this mountain hiking area has vistas, and plant life for all to see.
This mountain scene is a dry county with green to yellow brush and trees. A summer river wandering thur a valley area with trees in the background.
The winding Road on Santa Cruz Island.
The pine forest is a view that the viewer is viewing to another pine forest acrossed the way.
A meadow land on the arroyo hondo area with a mule and a few horses grasing with trees and mountains in the background
Mill creek at another time when the hill are covered with fog from the near by ocean.
A light house that is seen on a wintery stormy day.
The sand and beach of the ocean with a few dunes.
Springs wreaths, as a storm comes to this grove of trees.
Bookers valley and at the head of this valley on the hills is a perfit heart made out of the formation of brushes.
The autumn with wetlands, a pond and the fall brush and trees surrounding.
Sunrise from the 16th floor in San Franciso.
These garden flowers are great shades of red and pink and yellows and are roses and many other flowes found in a cottage garden.
Morro Bay and some tide pools in a grey wintery seene. The summer river as it winds through the hills.
A sunset over the ocean in purples and oranges and blues.
A creek as it meanders away form the ocean and is taken to shore.
This image is of the Carrizo Plains with the rain clouds and dark blue sky and the wet grass and rocks.
The view in this picture is of a summer storm coming to dampen the yellow grasses and wash the green brush and trees on these hillsides.
This image is of the Los Osos Dunes.
This blue boat was painted on location in Amsterdam.
Atacadero Creek as it races flows through the trees.
This image is of the clearing of the sky and the trees after a rain and the river is running and everything is clear.
A rocky canyon and tree coved rocky mountain above.
The dry grasses meadow with a few trees in the back ground.
Mill creek is a canyon that is traveling down to the ocean below.
This image is of the Santa Crus Islands with the blue ocean adn the green brush and trees in the foreground.
A blue river with trees and a white jet trail going across the sky.
This image of the ocean and sky celabrating together, blending blues and greys to become one.
June river as it meanders through a valley with olive and green trees and brush in the background.
Sunset at Mill Creek.
This image of the pacific coast sea with greens and blues as it crashes to the sandy shore.
Vibrant blue lilac bush fill this painting. A summery dry seene with a river running throught it.
Barlogio's Hay Field
This image is of a water way with cool colors of evening approaching. A pond in the forgroung and a plounghed field with summer dry mountains and trees in the back ground.d Fog Blowing in - fog effect looks like a castle.