Western Horses

Western Landscapes and Horses

Oil painting titled "Around the Bend". Oil painting titled "C'mon cow".
Oil painting titled "Cool Mule". Oil Painting titled brothers.
Two men in a roping pen on red horses, one man has a large rope in a large loop getting ready to throw it to catch a steer, called Dally.
Oil painting titled Third river crossing.
Branding cattle at the roundup at the Port Ranch Barn.
Oil Painting titled 2nd river crossing.
Lots of roping on her horse.
Oil painting titled "Down the River". Come around image of four mules, three white and a dark bay, pulling a wagon in the foothills.
Two horse back riders are getting a early morning start, as they ride arcoss a late summer dry grassy hill.
Oil painting titled "Good to the last drop".
This image, called Crossing the Huasna, is of a red horse with rider, crossing a large creek to herd some cattle in the mountains at springtime. Dappled waters with the horse riders wading through.
She is the real deal, the rope the hat the horse.
Oil painting titled "Ranch Ropers".
In the moonlight, I watch my horses grazing witht he light on their bodies and the mountains.
This image is of a white horse running back to rejoin the herd.
The French rider training his horse.
Penny's mare loves the ocean as she rides her through the waves.
Two riders enjoying an afternoon ride on a trail in the mountains.
This image is of a rider on a white horse riding along a grassy canal in the evening light.
This image is of a front view of a white horse in the tall marsh grasses.
This image is of the white mares and dark foals in the dusk light.
This image is a rider galloping in the marsh on a white horse.
This image is of a rider, riding on one of these wonderful white horses through the marshes.
At the water tough, with the light a brillant glow on the water, the horses and the plants and mountains surrounding all.
This image was painted in the evening of the mares and their foals.
This image is called "Young ones (the Bully). It has white horses running through the marsh grasses.
This image is of the white horses and sketches of them.
These two cowboys are trying to rope a calf in the open dry grasses field and they are getting a bit tangled in their rope. The California oak trees and in the back ground.
This image is of the Camargue horses in the sunlight in the marsh grass pasture.
The early morning riders.
The navaho ponies stand by the willow trees with the pink cliffs of the Arizona mountain in the distance at Canyon de Chelly.
This image is of the Marais de Gines- Parc Ornithologique. A water ways with tall grassy plant life and brush.
A moon ligh gallup, my horse races by and has star light sprinkled in the dust.
La Panza with a lone horse rider as they cross the river in the mountains.
Painting of a black horse grazing in the tall summer grass.
This horse backed cowboy is getting his rope ready to rope a calf in this pen by the white barn.
A cattle scene with the cowboys and the help of a short haired tailed dog, as directing the cattle though a canyon with a stream running along it. The grass is yellow in shad and the hills are a early spring or summer color.
This cowboy is pushing a herd of cattle on the upper side of a hilly bank which has the sea shore below. At the branding with the smoke and the dust and the cattle and the help.
These cattle of red and black are traveling down a coastal road with the ocean in the distance.
A man on a mule with a dally in his hand in a pen full of cattle is getting ready to rope a cow.
Horses racing down a mountain side to the ocean below.
A rocky formation jeting out of the brushy mountain side with horse riders coming down the mountain side.
These cattle are being gathered and being held in a opening. A horse man and his dog are making sure the cattle stay here for a bit.
A lone cowboy is riding down a ridge toward the cattle as the drift along the hillside toward the very calm ocean shore. The ocean is reflecting the purple blue shades of the sky and the the hillside is a yellow dry grass color with occational green brush.
The cattle boss on his red horse is watching to see that all is traveling in the right direction and every one is still coming along. He has the ocean in his back ground and the yellow/gold grass of the California coastal mountains also behind him.
A woman is on a yellow horse at the entrance of a corral with all the red and black cattle being pushed into another pen to be worked.
Three horse back riders riding into the light and the trees and the mountains of the distance.
Three horses grazing in a meadow with a rocky formation in the distance.
Dick Collins on his horse on the dunes.
This cow boy is riding against a purple sky and leading his pack horse while he is riding his own horse and all of them look to have traveled many a mile.
Many horses mengled together, in a fantasy of harmany.
Two old beauties.
Four horses are grazing in a meadow with a dry hill and trees in the background.
This image of the Last go around at the roping at the barn, the end of the day, and it is almost done.
The mountain pass with the horse riders way off on the trail.
The horses are racing to the top of the mountain to see the sun rising over the ocean at dawn. A early summer painting with a horse grazing in the field and the mountains around.
Two western horse riders watering their horses in a blue reflective creek in the mountains.
Two riders are riding their horses down a blue river with the water splashing up on the legs of the horses.
Beach mares grazing on a meadow at the shore.
West country sunset on the mountains with horse grazing.
A mixture of colorful cattle are heading down the hilly late summer road to home.